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Downtown @ Midtown returns

Location: Purva Midtown
Date: 28-May-2017 10:00 am To 28-May-2017 02:00 pm

We @ Puravankara believe in building relationships. on 28th May our customer engagement team hosted an exciting event at Purva Midtown, Bangalore. It was an absolutely memorable and entertaining day for the participants.


Date: 22-Apr-2017 12:00 pm To 22-Apr-2017 09:00 pm

The recent event at Purva Windermere was one of the largest attended and successful function. Inauguration of the multi storyed magnificient club house building with top class amenities added to the grandeur of the event.

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Funworth @ Sunworth Returns

Location: Provident Sunworth
Date: 11-Mar-2017 09:30 am To 11-Mar-2017 04:00 pm

The residents of Provident Housing Sunworth were overwhelmingly happy with the activities organised on 11th March 2017, building vibrant communities and enriching lives of beautiful families who had come out to participate in large numbers.

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Munchkins Day out

Location: Purva Windermere - Chennai
Date: 27-Aug-2016 10:00 am To 27-Aug-2016 03:00 pm

A day out with Munchkins of Purva Windermere was another day filled with so much of fun. The heat or the rain nothing could stop the little ones from having fun. the parents were even more enthusiastic and excited to watch their kids indulged in the activities.It was a happy moment for all of us to watch them engaging with each other and having a gala time.

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Downtown @ Midtown

Location: Purva Midtown
Date: 19-Mar-2016 09:00 am To 19-Mar-2016 02:00 pm

Downtown@ Midtown was another successful event held on the 19th of March 2016 which created a lot of bonding between customers and Puravankarites. Event was a great success with children having a gala time, parents and grandparents dancing to our Dj’s tune and asking for more. The event ended with a smile on everyone’s face.It was a proud moment for us to receive such an overwhelming response from Purva Midtown home owners. This only gives us more enthusiasm and commitment in making future events successful by bringing a smile on each home-owners' face.

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Location: Provident Sunworth - NICE Ring Road
Date: 26-Jan-2016 09:00 am To 26-Jan-2016 04:00 pm

Another feather in our cap ! Fuworth@Sunworth had been a great success with more than 400 customers dropping in.The kids, the parents and the grand parents had a blast and a whale of a time. The pleasure was ours in interacting and engaging with each one of them.Thanks one and all for the great show.

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Location: Purva Venezia, Yehlahanka
Date: 10-Oct-2015 09:00 am To 10-Oct-2015 02:00 pm

Funizia @ Venezia was another fun filled event for the kids, they enjoyed continuously through out the event. their excitement and participation created an energetic environment for the parents, who included themselves along with the kids in the activities.

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Location: Purva Highland - Kanakpura Road
Date: 22-Aug-2015 09:00 am To 22-Aug-2015 02:00 pm

High life @ Purva Highland was an event filled with fun and laughter. The tiny tots were the ones who made the best use of it. The proud parents had nothing but a smile and happiness on their faces , watching their kids having fun

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Independence Day

Location: Purva Skywood - Sarjapur Road
Date: 15-Aug-2015 10:00 am To 15-Aug-2015 01:00 pm

Lets Celebrate This Independence Day With Style @ Purva Skywood

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Welbeing @ Welworth

Location: Doddaballapur
Date: 20-Jun-2015 10:00 am To 20-Jun-2015 01:00 pm

Welbeing @ Welworth was another fun filled event of joyous moments for tiny tots who immensely got involved and engrossed in the event, giving smiles to their proud parents onlooking. Team effort & active participation bringing a cheerful & festive atmosphere declared this event successful.

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Purva Skywood - Fun Under The Sky

Location: Purva Skywood - Sarjapur Road
Date: 30-May-2015 10:00 am To 30-May-2015 01:00 pm

“Fun under the sky” was a memorable day for the kids and parents,turning out into an awesome family day out. \r\nThe kids Painting competition brought out many young budding artists with inspiring creativity and talent.The fancy dress competition with tiny tots dressed in lovely costumes and the lemon and spoon race had the children’s spirits soaring high on this sunny Saturday afternoon.The paper dance added to the charm with couples getting closer together and kids cheering them on.… was such a delight to see.There was only a Big smile on every Residents face, and with that we declared our engagement initiative a grand success !! \r\nplease visit our Gallery to view the moments captured :-)

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Adithi Kini |

Thanks Purva for launching this ,a great way to know your neighbors .

Rajan Nambiar |

Look forward for moew information on the happening at Puravankara family

Kalyan Kumar Mallick |

we should have same fun day at Palm beach


It is quite useful & sustainable initiative! Keep it up!!

P B Kumar |

Good Initiative, thanks.





Srinivas S |

Nice initiative, good luck.

Srinivas S |

Nice initiative, good luck.

Chandra Pratap |

Thank you for your efforts